mouse energy
2021-12-23 · 94 words · 1 min
TagsĀ :  OpenBSD

I always prefer a cable over all this magic-wireless (infra,bluetooth,wlan, etc.) stuff since years.

The only exception is a mouse. Until recently, I did not realize that I can even conveniently read the battery out. Again a problem solved.

Which device do i use?

~$: dmesg | grep uhidpp
uhidpp0 at uhidev2 reportid 16 device 1 mouse "M525" serial 0d-4d-f6-aa

sysctl will serve the info:

~$: sysctl hw.sensors.uhidpp0
hw.sensors.uhidpp0.raw0=2 (number of battery levels)
hw.sensors.uhidpp0.percent0=90.00% (battery level), OK

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